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August in the Merritt Island National Refuge – Central Florida’s Best Wildlife Watching Spot

Wild Pigs

PIGS! I yelled as I pulled off the road and opened the door. Beverly was looking at a map or something and I had my camera in hand and stooped down to position myself behind a tree. I then motioned for Beverly to quietly come over and she slid in behind me in stealth mode. The seven wild pigs were feeding and doing what wild pigs do.

We were at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and had a great day watching a diversity of wildlife. The refuge is one of the best wildlife viewing parks close to Orlando to see a wide variety birds, mammals and reptiles.

Manatee on his back

A downpour left this manatee happily swimming on his back. He appeared to be drinking the rainwater as manatees need freshwater every couple weeks.


There were many ospreys, like this one holding what appears to be a mullet.


An anhinga drying his wings. Also known as a snake bird or water turkey, this bird is often confused with a cormorant.

Blue Heron

A blue heron striking at a fish.

Roseate Spoonbill

Rosetta Spoonbill.


Alligators are very common at Merritt Island NWR, but the August heat kept most of them out of site, we only saw three all day.

Great White Egret

Great white egret striking a pose.

White Ibis & Little Blue Heron

The little blue heron appears to be saying to the white ibis, “dude, that mud on your face isn’t cool”.

Seven Wild Pigs Feeding

More about the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge »

Originally Published on August 22nd, 2012

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