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Experience Thrills, Honor and Chivalry at Updated Medieval Times Dinner Show

The Princess welcomes her subjects at Medieval Times

By Beverly Martinez-Collins –

The feast began with a greeting from the King and his princess then came the introduction of the knights, on their horses with all their colors and banners flying; our knight was the green knight and from there the pageantry began.

Kirby Collins and I were there to see the premier of the new show and weren’t disappointed it was an entertaining feast for the eyes not just the stomach.

Andalusian Stallion

The feast consists of a four course meal, meant to be eaten with your hands, but don’t worry they give you plenty of napkins, and the show consists of a tournament of skill tests for the knights including fast paced jousting and thrilling sword fighting and several horse performances.

The Yellow Knight

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The show started with a touching tribute to the relationship between the medieval knight and his valiant steed. A magnificent Andalusian Stallion came out riders less and performed then a whole group of horses and trainers entertained the crowd. The king’s falconer and his majestic bird were next, the bird took flight in several circles around the arena and landed deftly on her handler’s arm to the delight of the crowd.

The King's Knights

Then the spectacular tournament began, were several skill tests, jousting and swordplay. Once a rider was knocked off his horse the sword fighting and hand to hand combat began, it was awesome to watch. The six knights all complete to be the king’s champion with each section cheering on the knight whose colored section they are sitting in. The great thing about the tournament is that each knight is truly competing and the contest isn’t predetermined, the show we saw was won by the yellow and red knight.

Knights fighting

This was the first new show in seven years; there were even slight improvements to the feast as well. There’s a new original musical score and the lighting has been changed which adds to the dramatic effect. The costumes, even the horse dressage, were updated and are dazzling.

Performers at Medieval Times

It was a spectacular night of pageantry and chivalry; I had goose bumps several times throughout the show. The horses were beautiful and the knights skilled. The best part of the tournament was when they dropped the nets before the jousting, that’s when the real action of the hand to hand combat began.

Beverly Martinez-Collins with the Green Knight

I really enjoyed the feast, it was scrumptious and to our delight the roasted chicken was moist and meaty, the soup was hot and the pasty served at the end was light and tasty. Several of the potions are bigger and the potatoes are now easier to eat. One new delight for me personally was the Medieval Village. I have been to the show several times and didn’t know it was there. Here you get a glimpse of what life was like back then including a medieval kitchen, loom and fabric display as well as the darker side of those times, a medieval torture display. Needless to say we had a lot of fun and are looking forward to going back again soon.

Originally Published on June 27th, 2012

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