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6 Great Things to Enjoy in Florida

Fernandana Beach

By Myscha Theriault

There’s lots to enjoy here in the sunshine state. From the Florida Keys to the panhandle, and Miami Beach to St. Augustine, sites and activities abound. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs, photo ops, seafood or sunbathing spots, we have literally got it all. Which is why people from all over the world travel here at all times of the year. While there are too many activities to list in a single article, here are six great things to do in Florida that stand out above the rest.


Florida Shipping Spree

Seriously, have you checked out our shopping options in Florida? Lincoln Road in the South Beach area of Miami is as famous for its shopping options as it is for its celebrity sightings, and Mall at Millennia in Orlando comes with its own currency exchange and post office. Talk about being able to fly into town and get it all done. International Plaza in Tampa is another mall worth checking out if you’re a particularly brand-conscious shopper, and Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale provides an upscale shopping experience to an area previously known only for its spring break potential.
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Fun in the Sun at Cocoa Beach

No trip to Florida is complete without some beach time, and Florida’s beaches have something for everyone. Whether it’s the snorkeling opportunities of Key West, shelling on Sanibel Island near Fort Myers, or surfing in Sebastian Inlet, you’re sure to have a great time. Clearwater offers great sunsets and access to Tampa Bay, but for those wanting to drive in the sand . . . it’s all about Daytona, baby. Of course, if you’re main objective is just to hit the sand and catch some rays, then your options are very nearly endless. There’s a reason beach fans flock to the sunshine state. We’ve got some of the best ones in the country.
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Whether you’re touring the Florida Everglades, swimming with the manatees, supporting the sea turtle nesting process or simply hanging out at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, Florida has some amazingly diverse wildlife. Playful porpoises come nearly to shore in many areas, and birding enthusiasts flock to Fort De Soto Park as one of the premier migration stopovers for numerous species. Herons, bald eagles and egrets are just some of the birds you’ll be able to see here in our sunny slice of heaven. And of course, if you’ve never seen an alligator, then you are definitely in the right place.

Theme Parks

Incredible Hulk Coaster

You have to admit, when it comes to Florida theme parks, there is certainly no shortage of them. From Busch Gardens in Tampa, to SeaWorld and Universal Orlando, photo ops and family memory makers abound. Of course, no trip to Orlando would be complete without paying homage to the main mouse himself at the mother of all theme parks, Disney World. That being said, the Kennedy Space Center brings a great deal to the table, and Gatorland is quite enjoyable as well.



With some of the best access to fresh seafood you can find, and the international blend of tourists and residents alike, you won’t be disappointed when looking for places to eat around Florida. Red, a popular steak house in South Beach is one of the few restaurants in the country to serve certified angus prime beef. Their snapper isn’t half bad, either. The Green Iguana, a Tampa area restaurant chain, offers great seafood and live entertainment for a price most people are comfortable with.


Beaches of Miami

While the weather here in Florida is fantastic for most of the year, we’re particularly fortunate during the winter months. Snow shoveling and windshield de-icing aren’t even a blip on our radar, and the plugging in of our vehicles at night? Not part of our reality at all. It gets just crisp enough to enjoy a back yard fire or two throughout the year, but not so cold you forget why you moved or traveled here in the first place. And when the heat of the summer hits? It’s off the beach for breezes and banana daiquiris, baby.

While the specific things to do and enjoy in Florida are too numerous to mention, these six categories represent my top favorite things about living here. If you’re considering a winter getaway, or possibly moving here yourself, you can rest assured you’ll have lots to look forward to.

Myscha Theriault Myscha Theriault is a syndicated columnist for McClatchy-Tribune, best-selling author, and professional blogger whose work has been featured by Forbes, MSN, the Los Angeles Times, Boston Herald, AOL, and others. Print interviews include Better Homes and Gardens, Women’s World, and All You Magazines. She is the founder of, a web site for independent travelers. You can also catch up with her on Twitter.

Originally Published on April 20th, 2011

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