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Il Bellagio at City Place; Great Brick Oven Pizza, Salads and Martinis

By Kirby Collins

West Palm Beach, FL – While visiting CityPlace last weekend, it was obvious brick oven pizzas and martinis without gin or vodka are all the rage, so being hip and all we asked around and locals told us “Il Bellagio” was the place, and we were not disappointed.

Il Bellagio Italian staff was excellent, our waiter Carlos was friendly and explained the menu very well without the snobby facial expressions you might expect when you mispronounce an item. The atmosphere is perfect with both inside and outside dining options, we’d been walking around all morning and chose inside where the air-conditioning was a welcome comfort.

We shared the “Pizza Pesto” and a “Insalata Parmigiana” along with a “Tropical Martini”, afterward we had an Italian Coffee. Everything was terrific and the prices were very reasonable. Il Bellagio is one place I look forward to visiting again.

Il Bellagio is located at 600 S. Rosemary Ave. Ste. 170 in CityPlace.

Originally Published on July 27th, 2007

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